Trash Talk is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Sacramento, California, formed in 2005. Trash Talk combines modern hardcore and thrash with the aggression of its descendents, creating a sound that is at once exciting, unrelenting and entirely fresh.

“Trash Talk are unstoppable, uncontrollable and the band to pledge your allegiance to this year.” -Kerrang! Awards ‘Best International Newcomer’ 2010

“When Trash Talk starts a song at a show, it sounds like a jar opening and releasing the vacuum seal: the snap, the coordination, makes audiences go kablooey.” -The New York Times

“Trash Talk is a masterclass in sonic violence.” -NME

“Eyes & Nines” works as a full-immersion experience, its sludgy roar hitting hard on a visceral gut-level.” -Pitchfork (7.8 album review)

“Eyes & Nines melts faces entirely on its own merit.” -Alternative Press

“Trash Talk just compress all of these details into a brutal little package. We’re better off without the trimmings.” -The Fader (Nov 2010 cover story)

“In a time where personality and spirit are often beaten out of bands before their first single drops; the emergence of Trash Talk is a welcome arising.” -ArtRocker (UK)