Tommy Santee Klaws has existed in some form since 2001, conjuring miniature tornadoes around Southern California. His discography spans twelve self-released albums, a few 7-inches and one EP. Like some of the best Los Angeles new-folky type acts, Tommy Santee Klaws understands the trick of making nostalgia work both ways; into some bright future and the virtuous, murky past. Skinning the old to dress the new. A mountain of a man, with an angelic, ethereal voice, Tommy Santee Klaws's music is twisted in dualities. Beautiful melodies meet blood soaked lyrics, and spiritual longing is irrevocably crossed with sins of the flesh, and delicate acoustic strums are accompanied by jagged bursts of noise. For over fifteen years, Tommy's dark but tuneful songs have been making an impact on the Los Angeles underground. He is now based in Iowa City, Iowa.

"Tommy Santee Klaws sets the motion in the proverbial ocean with jaw-dropping, goosebump-inducing soulful tenderness." - LA Weekly