The Vicious Alive began in the spring of 2005 when Thomas Fay moved from Western Wisconsin to Minneapolis to meet Scott Thomas, who had just arrived from Northern California. Their ultimate plan was to create a musical endeavor that captured both the intelligence and execution of legitimate music and jazz while still retaining the edgy, cavalier essence of straight ahead rock and roll.

As they began to create the beginnings of the material that ultimately came to compose their current repertoire, they experienced an evolution from relatively relaxed and unimposing music to something more heavily driven and extreme. Although a balance still exists between thoughtful introspection and raucous energy, the genera as a whole has moved into a spotlight that is much more demanding of attention. While lyrics remain largely abstract and complex, song forms take on a relatively conventional approach while detailed melodies highlight unique elements of tonality that are reminiscent of The Cure. Up-tempo pieces drive ahead like Velvet Revolver and more emotional, thoughtful numbers convey a clear sense of struggle and divided feelings, like Alice in Chains. There is even a slight hint of music from the past ranging from Terry Reid to Pink Floyd.

In late 2006, The Vicious Alive discovered bassist Joseph Crary after a long and laborious search and drummer Jeremy Friend followed shortly afterward. With the help of the two new members, The Vicious Alive moved ahead and recorded a demo album of twelve tracks and began to perform in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.

Since the demo, Jeremy reluctantly left the band with the arrival of his new son Cooper and Jon Thomas has expanded his role from band manager to holding things down as the new TVA drummer.

The Vicious Alive continue relentlessly on their mission to create multi-genre music and put on entertaining performances. They are spreading out over the Minneapolis music scene with the hopes of gaining support and friendships along the way.