The Magnolias have been a revered Minneapolis power-pop institution for more than a quarter century, bringing their intensely tight, high-energy Buzzcocks / Clash / Undertones-influenced rock to audiences throughout the United States beginning in 1984. The band enjoyed an initial stint on Minneapolis' famed Twin-Tone Records, as well as Alias and SMA. The quartet's latest 11-song disc Pop The Lock appears on VETO Records.

The Magnolias are fronted by singer/guitorist John Freeman, the only member to fly The Magnolias flag non-stop since the group's inception in 1984 and who spearheaded the band's revival. The Magnolias' current lineup includes re-recruited lead guitarist MikeLeonard, who had been in the group from 1993-95, drummer Pat Mckenna who played with Freeman in The Pushbacks (1997-2000). The band is complete with the rediscovery of bass talent Kyle Killorin, whose service to The Magnolias dates to 1987. The Magnolias' high-energy American punk is consistently compared favorably to the band's influences, including The Clash, The Only Ones, The Undertones, The Real Kids and Buzzcocks. The Magnolias fans, new and old, will witness intense performances by these reunited and rejuvenated musicians who, like their hometown friends The Replacements and Suicide Commandos, play stripped-down rock 'n' roll tight, fast, hard and loud, the way it was meant to be. [Steve Sharp]