teddymac, originally from Minneapolis, grew up in musical surroundings. Originally trained in the french horn, and later the trumpet, his musical taste covers the vast majority of genre's. teddymac treats his DJ equipment as a musical instrument, playing more than just 'notes on the page'. He plays to the mood then evolves it to another level, creating a whole new vibe. As a DJ, with the history of music on tap, he takes pride in touching a variety of genre's in his sets, taking a blank canvas and transforming it into an ever changing piece of art which takes the listener on an aural journey. Part of what differentiates teddymac from the rest, is his yearning to improvise. Creating each mix and live set for that moment. No two mixes, no two sets, no two journeys are the same. Nothing is preplanned. Expect to hear smooth melodies, clean transitions, and excellent basslines!