Tasseomancy is the musical project of twin sisters, Sari and Romy Lightman. Influenced by the likes of Robbie Basho, Broadcast, Mary Margaret O’hara, This Mortal Coil and Alice Coltrane’s Turiya Sings, the sisters have developed a unique sound, combining the lyrical and vocal traditions of folk music with the experimental attitudes of psychedelia, new wave and new age music. In 2011, the sisters released Ulalume, a collaborative record with Timber Timbre, while also joining the electronic queer group, Austra. They've since left the band to focus on their own project, and in April 2015, Tasseomancy will be releasing Palm Wine Revisited on Healing Power Records.

Palm Wine Revisited was recorded between the Toronto Island and the bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia with the addition of band members, Evan Cartwright on percussion and Johnny Spence on keyboards. Inspired by This Mortal Coil’s It’ll End in Tears, this collection of songs is an introduction to the band’s diverse style, illustrating a wide variety of sound and influence from the pop sentiments of Braid, Apophenia, and Grass Harp to the more sparse electronic arrangements of Reality and What Life must I lead, accompanied by steel pan instrumentals.