Brothers Brian and David Bauernfeind began their songwriting partnership sharing a childhood together, but it did not blossom until they both found themselves leaving home for the Twin Cities to attend college. It was here that their craft matured along with their personal lives, sped up through the addition of Stefan Kuhl (Bass), Matt Decker (drums) and John Nielsen (guitar, vocals).

After self-releasing their aptly-named debut EP Brothers in late 2011, the band spent the next year at work on a follow-up - both writing and working odd-jobs in exchange for studio time. With the pieces in place, the guys entered the studio this past winter with good friend Aaron Ankrum at Aerial View Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. The result is We are the Same, a record that is equal parts colloquial and an exploratory expression of love, loss and hope. Mixing their acoustic roots with a full-band sound and stature, it's not hard to feel a sense of familiarity with Symbol & Surface. From their all-in-the-family beginnings, to their eventual expansion into a band of best friends, everything about the quintet makes you feel comfortable in all the right ways, yet anticipatory of what may come next. We are the Same was released July 30, 2013.