The Style Biters are an electronic nerd rap duo. They are a self proclaimed "Karaoke Band" that sings about Sex, Drugs, Video Games, Epic Adventures, Life Situations, and The importance of loving yourself. The Style Biters are on a mission to show the world that EVERYTHING has been done before. Therefore Originality can only come from Unoriginality. The music world has too many bands that are exactly the same. It is time to end this era of bland boring music, and start music back from square one.


Entering the music world in September of 2007, They have Been on an amazing journey, playing shows as much as possible regardless of their own busy lives and lack of money. In 2008 they held their first Electro Love Festival Less Than Three ♥ Fest which has been held every year since showcasing the Midwest best electro based bands. The Style Biters spent the summer of 2009 touring the Midwest with friends Forever Dumb, and also played on Van's Warped Tour. At the End of 2009 they released a split CD Straight Outta ManKompton with friends Taffee Machine" In 2010 the Style Biters along with friends Shotgun Fiction started a monthly showcase of amazing Mankompton and Minneapolis bands which is still going on every 3rd Wednesday at Red Sky Lounge in Mankato, MN. The Style Biters have played with amazing bands of all sorts including Coolio, P.O.S., mcchris, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Brokencyde, Millionaires, The Show is The Rainbow, Super 8-Bit Brothers, Retard-o-bot, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Heatbox and Freezepop.