Strate Jak It is a tenacious 6 member hardcore-fusion band that hails from the St. Paul, Minnesota. Strate Jak It has been playing an important part of the regional music scene since 1997. The band continues to bring a unique and fresh perspective to today’s hardcore music by blending a fusion of metal, hip-hop, thrash and rap-core with their aggressive, in your face style. Strate Jak It is one of the pioneers of rap style metal and their tight, flawless performances are evidence of the chemistry and musicianship among the Strate Jak It members.

Strate Jak It's CD catalog includes The Padded Cell, Reckless Abandon, and Left for Dead. To date, some of the Strate Jak It’s highlights include: repeat sold-out performances at Minneapolis’ famed First Avenue nightclub, performing with national acts such as American Head Charge, finalists of the 93X battle of the bands, numerous on-air guests of 93X, multiple press attention from top regional sources including The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The City Pages, and The Pulse, and highly successful self-promoted and organized events; such as River Rage 2011 at the St. Paul Park Heritage Days.

Strate Jak It strives to bring something unique to their fans in everything they do and will continue to be a driving force of innovation through hardcore music for years to come.