Minneapolis diary rock band Strange Relations, featuring Casey Sowa (drums/vocals) and her girlfriend Maro Helgeson (bass/synth), don't fit the typical mold of a pop group. Building tracks around a propulsive rhythm section, Strange Relations feed off their long term relationship to capture an energy and intimacy that cannot be forced or faked, weaving through each track like a burst of fresh air through the haze.

Vulnerable yet strong, glossy to grainy, bold or subdued, Strange Relations demonstrate what can blossom when you refuse to follow the rules. The two-piece delve into the ups and downs of living as women in a world where one's body is a central force in shaping one's experience. All throughout the record women's bodies and sexualities are centered, as the focus shifts from external to internal and back again. Editorial You (Tiny Engines, 2017) thrives by refusing to turn away from the darkness, instead addressing it head-on, offering up a sense of sisterhood and defiance as weapons to fight through and pull light back into the darkest spaces. Honest and powerful, Editorial You is an album made just for the real you.

"Editorial You is about ambition & desire, and the line between the two. It's about all of the internal & external pressures that fight against those two forces in our lives, and how we grapple with them. After working on these songs and playing them out for the last couple years, we're more than ready to share them with the world. We ducked into our friend Knol's basement for a few days and knocked out these tracks, finishing synth and vocals and some other touches in the aftermath. We built this record before Doomsday 2016 and have been carrying it around as a reminder, as a rallying cry ever since. We hope it might serve the same purpose to someone else."