Dream pop band Sports formed in their small town of Norman, Oklahoma and have been playing together since grade school, yet their novel take on the dream pop genre remains excitingly fresh. Consisting of brothers Jacob Theriot and Cale Chronister, the trio first made headway with their 2015 debut album Naked All the Time. In the years to come, the dream pop trio would deliver two more much-applauded releases, 2016’s People Can’t Stop Chillin and 2018’s Everyone’s Invited, each of which would see Sports venturing into newfound territory.

Everyone’s Invited, in particular, served as a noted departure for the band, as the trio explored a range of funk influences to deliver one of the most unique dream pop projects of the year. Despite their increasing notoriety in the world of indie pop and amongst music tastemakers, [...] Sports has retained a somewhat enigmatic persona. This may have something to do with their fashion attire of choice–cowboy hats and sequined suits. [Ones To Watch]