Since his 2015 project titled Been Here Before released, Solo Davis has been pushing boundaries and winning over fans internationally. Known for his lyricism, energy and creative cadences, Solo is on his way to making a name for himself in the music industry.

Born in Kokomo, IN, Solo keeps to his roots in his music with tracks like "Indiana Man" from "Been Here Before" and "Kokomo" from his 2016 album titled DWAVY. He speaks on growing up with his family in the city of Kokomo and also about his move from Kokomo to Hudson, WI where he currently resides.

While living in Hudson, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, he became intrigued with the local music seen surrounding him. After the influence of Atmosphere, Grieves, Prof, and other artists from the Twin Cities area, he began to fall in love with writing music of his own.