Sam Lachow is a producer, songwriter, rapper, videographer, director, and editor of video and music. He is currently promoting the release of his latest collab EP with Raz Simone titled 5 Good Reasons. Lachow and his creative partner Maggie Brown produced the entire EP utilizing many live instruments from musicians based in Seattle and New York. The project, as well as his previous releases - debut album Brand New Bike and EP Avenue Music - are available for free stream/download on, and feature many guest appearances from some of the most talented artists coming up in the Seattle music scene.


Sam has been making videos since elementary school, and as a seventh-grader he began a group called Shankbone. This group has since gained a dedicated fan base primarily in Seattle, having produced five albums and played dozens of shows. Sam began directing and producing music videos with Shankbone, and went on to create videos for various other Seattle-based artists. Raised in both Seattle and New York City, Sam graduated in the class of 2009 from Garfield High School in Seattle. He then went on to attend SUNY New Paltz for a year, and is now studying at City College in New York. Sam continues to work with Shankbone and produce videos while crafting his solo projects.