Riddy K, who's real name is Richard King, was born in Bakersfield, CA. He grew up in low class, drug riddled neighborhoods with a single mother and 3 siblings, exposing him to harsh realities and eventually landing him in foster homes, juvenile detention centers & group homes for a large duration of his childhood. While in a group home his father died in a house fire, leaving him with a lost feeling, longing for home, he would escape through music. He started teaching himself guitar after returning home with his mother from a group home at the age of 14.

Constantly in and out of incarceration as a minor, he went on the run before graduating High School, dropping out before turning himself in at the age of 18 he picked up writing and producing rap songs with his brothers, forming the group DirtHead. He released his first solo EP, The Kronicles of RiddyK, in 2014, followed by The DiRdy EP in 2015 and numerous singles the years after. His latest full length LP, I've Been, was released November 11, 2018.