Named after the steep, unoccupied wild-space of west-central Duluth juxtaposed with its mammoth radio towers, RED MOUNTAIN is the moniker of Duluth-based, multi-media artist Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl (AJK).

What began as an avant-garde electronic group in 2007, slowly evolved into the ever-extemporaneous TOTAL FREEDOM ROCK, in collaboration with members of Haus Meeting and Iamtheslowdancingumbrella. In 2009, AJK returned to performing shows as RED MOUNTAIN as a pop duo with Bob Monahan, AKA Peter Pain. These shows, performed primarily with 1980s Casio keyboards, contributed to the birth of a new type of percussive ballad style pop that RED MOUNTAIN would eventually adapt as their own.

Derivations from a wilderness journal in 2009 have transformed into an expansive interpretation of those original Casio compositions, now performed by a raucous, revolving 8-piece band. Fatherhood, love, fanfare, angst, amazement, and camaraderie, is being translated into percussive pop ballads on RED MOUNTAIN’s first full-length album, SCOWL LIGHTLY. Live instrumentation will include, but not be limited to: Rhodes piano, electric/classical bass, trumpet, saxophone, banjo, electric/acoustic guitar, full percussion, shakers, tambourines, whistles, yelling, cowbells from distant lands, and most importantly YOUR FEET.