Private Interests have one of those rock band pedigrees that this whole infrastructure that we call the musical world relies upon. The quartet have a huge number of experiences and associated back-stories behind them; the rhythm section of Damien Tank and Trevor Engelbrektson alone have been playing together in various bands for eighteen years. Formed by Johnny Eggerman and Cam Soojian in the Spring of 2015, this latest exploit still manages to feel decidedly fresh-faced, the band ripping through the two-minutes of latest single “I Need You” with an impressive display of fervor.

Lifted from a new release with the ever-reliable Forged Artifacts label, the new track is a fraught and unruly blast of guitar-pop, all gritty guitars and suitably unkempt vocals that fling themselves across every inch of the track’s succinct running time. One of the six tracks that the band worked on that make up their Only For A Moment EP, “I Need You” is a somewhat breathless introduction to their work. [Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint]