Lead by front man Aball Muse, Pretty Ugly's influence continues to expand and evolve in 2013 blending the sounds of modern rock and classical urban music. The band's core remains a power trio of bass, drums and guitar, but on occasion a small horn section tours with them. Their sound is a hybrid clash which ranges from punk, funk, ska reggae, jazz, metal and hip hop. A unique cocktail infusion of pop and underground culture self proclaimed, "A delicious Gumbo Soup mix," by Pretty Ugly bassist Roderic Glasper, this bands energy is dynamic and edgy while the lyrical content is a socially conscious poetic testament to the human condition. Pretty Ugly was formed in early 2006 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

5 years earlier front man Aaron Jackson aka Aball Muse had briefly interned for legendary jazz drummer Max Roach in Manhattan New York. He also played guitar in bands Nocturnal Rage in Seattle, and Propagandja in Minneapolis before meeting and forming Pretty Ugly with Rod Glasper, and Kris Hernandez in 2006. Their debut album self titled Pretty Ugly was released in 2008 and was an aggressive mash up of Ska punk, funk and hip hop. The ska-coresk song, "Pills," challenged the westernized medical industry's standard of treating symptoms instead of diseases with the lyrics ,"When your sick from all the pills take a pills" while the dub reggae classic vibe of the song, "Rebels of Babylon" has a timeless feel and mellow mood which shows the contrast and diversity of this band. Well known in Minnesota on the college festival and indie rock circuits, they have opened for many national headlining acts and have also ventured into the south west and north west markets over the past 5 years playing shows in Austin Texas and Seattle Washington. Their second album, Pretty Ugly II, is to be released nationally the summer of 2013.