PremRock is an independent hip-hop recording artist, performer and writer. Influenced by Tom Waits as much as Kool G rap and equal parts Hemingway and Nina Simone his style and general demeanor channels the greats of all avenues. After successfully booking three European tours and recording two studio albums the young artist is working on multiple follow-up projects both domestically and overseas.

His work has been profiled on hip-hop publications like 2 Dope Boyz and Dj Booth as well as magazines with readership as large as Business Insider. Having performed in over 50 cities from Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece, PremRock has a knack for finding the stage wherever it may be. A connector of dots and rocker of all things microphone, the Pennsylvania native now resides in Lower East Manhattan but can probably be found anywhere on the globe at any given moment.