Plastic Believers are an experimental electronic duo from Minneapolis, MN.


I am a late convert to 80′s synth pop, but now I get it. So do Plastic Believers. Crisp drum machine beats and thick slabs of synth nirvana are topped with poppy female vocals to bring the coked out 80′s party to the bands tracks. Just dancy enough to not be navel gazing yet not so frantic that it seems cheesy, Plastic Believers hit just that right spot for those willing to step back in time. [Josh Keller, Reviler]

Plastic Believers project a more eerie, experimental interpretation, a hypothetical offspring of the creepy band from Twin Peaks and the opening track in Drive. [Sally Hedberg, City Pages]

Sahil and Kelly are the duo behind the lovely, layered synth pop sounds of Plastic Believers - think New Order-meets-a haunted Alison Moyet, or Astronaut Wife. [Pam Hill Kroyer, KFAI Radio]

Here at l'etoile, we love us some local music duos. From BLNX and The Night to Red Pens and Lookbook, when the power of two is harnessed, the result is typically nothing less than epic aural goodness. New local pair, Plastic Believers, are no exception. Plastic Believers features the tasty synthpop sounds of husband-wife team, Sahil and Kelly, whose dreamy, echoed vocals lead listeners on a spacey journey through the experimental. [L'etoile Magazine]