Spurred by artists like Ty Segall and The Men, it’s been a great few years for unruly rock. This environment has made it really hard for mediocre bands to rise above the fray, and sometimes even a really great band takes a bit of time to get the attention it deserves. Such is the case with Pink Frost, just now getting notice from tastemakers like Pitchfork after killing it on the local scene here in Chicago for years. Their newest album Sundowner dropped in September, heralded by the great, driving single “Ruins.” You can definitely hear their influences clearly in their music, from peak mid-nineties Smashing Pumpkins at their most riotous to Dinosaur Jr.’s guitar fuzz and overblown solos with some shoegazey drone thrown in for good measure. Expect to see them gaining a much larger profile in the near future, so now’s your chance to climb aboard the bandwagon early. [Chicago Innerview]