These days, Peter lives in Toronto and Brian lives in Oakland, so we met up at the Moen family cabin in Minnesota for a week. Brian engineered the whole thing with a bunch of microphones and compressors he brought on the plane and a mixing board we grabbed for $20 on Craigslist. Pete borrowed some mics and preamps from an old bandmate and an old roommate’s acoustic guitar. We stocked up on Crunch Berries and veggie burgers. We had a rule: a fire had to be going any time something was being recorded. We jammed every night, LOUD and LATE, flames roaring. That’s where we found Plum Slump -- right on a card in Grandma D’s recipe box. After a couple more trips (Toronto, Minneapolis, Oakland) and typical hems and haws, we finally wrapped the thing up and put a slump on it. Get it? Then get it.