New Minneapolis band Peddler is set to release their debut EP Booklish on August 25, 2017 and includes members formerly of Ghost Towns of the West and Busey. Produced by Ed Ackerson and recorded at Flowers Studio, the EP features the single "Sidewalker".

The record has a decidedly 90s vibe, but with a poppier, tighter feel and judicious use of guitar pedals. This was largely spurned by lead guitarist Joel Korte, owner of Chase Bliss Audio, who outfits the band’s pedalboards and has worked with such notable acts as Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Wilco, and Ryan Adams.

Although the band features three original members of Ghost Towns of the West (rhythm guitarist Dan Crowe, drummer John Nelson, and Korte), the music is starkly different from that project as singer and bass player Jon Po (Busey, Young & Tender, Filling Avoid) is the primary vocalist and offers sweeping vocal hooks and melodies as well as more accessible songwriting.