Paul Cebar: present day Milwaukee music legend. A living, breathing music library on live radio... and Yoda-like music figure? For all of those tiring of our cruel Milwaukee winter, Paul Cebar has the answer: "Summer Starts Right Now," is Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound's new single that has jumped up the charts on 88.9, WYMS, from a recording that will be released at a later date. Paul Cebar's music knowledge goes so deep that WMSE gave him his own morning show on Wednesdays. Spinning the deepest soul and vintage R&B records, he goes further into world music to get the smoothest groove for your ears.

Paul Cebar is a respected historian in the music world but also timeless to any generation. Kings Go Forth co-founder Andy Noble recently said, "Paul Cebar was one of the first real musical mentors my brother Tom and I found in the city, circa early 90s. A living history, you could express an interest in African music one moment (followed by Paul pulling Fela and Ginger Baker's LP off the wall) and Cuban music the next (reaches up for a descargas LP by Cachao). This stuff was nowhere to be found, heard, bought, consumed at that time. He was one of the first of many Yoda-like music figures in our lives and we owe him our eternal gratitude." The present day incarnation of Tomorrow Sound is taking shape at present with the arrival of bassist, Mike Fredrickson, and the return of percussionist, Mac Perkins to the fold joining 15 year veterans Reggie Bordeaux on drums and Bob Jennings on saxophones and keyboards. Stripping back to 5 pieces has opened up space for the understated command of Bob Jennings' keyboard and saxophonic thinking. Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound is original dance music rooted in rhythm and blues traditions with a pronounced emphasis on Latin, Caribbean and African inflections -- and an unbelievable regard for the flow of language.