Following his We Fall Out Of Touch EP this past fall, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Patrick Park today released his fourth full-length album, Love Like Swords, on April 22. Mixed & produced by Patrick Park and Dave Trumfio (Wilco, OK Go, Built To Spill) & with contributions from Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint) among others, the LP finds Los Angeles-based Patrick taking an introspective yet innovative approach to his solo acoustic style.

Love Like Swords ebbs & flows through a variety of styles, with Patrick’s pure vocal poetry captivating the listener. LP cut “Dust and Mud” is an upbeat track accented by horns, bright harmonies & stomping drums. “Let’s Go” tells the tale of a desperate getaway with sparse guitar twangs, handclaps & drum beats rolling like tumbleweeds along the desert road. Title track “Love Like Swords” is an emotive track of booming percussion amidst intricate guitar riffs. “My Holding Hand Is Empty” slows the pace to folky finger-picking & sparking strings, sitting octaves above Park’s deep bass vocals. 

Since his first offering over a decade ago, Patrick Park has toured, written & recorded heavily, developing a sturdy & loyal following. Having joined My Morning Jacket, Beth Orton & David Grey on the road among many others, he prides himself on creating music that speaks for itself. “Musically, it's direct and pure, and there's nothing to hide behind, no way to cop out,” he says of performing solo.