“Instruments and vocal mics trade hands regularly as the multi-instrumentalists celebrate a poly amorous cacophony of junk psychedelia, youth-powered garage rock, exuberant pop weirdness, and experimental studio wizardry. What at first seems amateurish or slapdash, quickly unfolds as fully-intentioned execution of precise tone, technique, and texture that haven't seen the light of day since 1968, if ever. Sounds appear for a few notes and disappear just as quickly, serving their purpose before making room for the next.

Is that Deerhoof being played by the members Elephant 6? Or Deerhoof as envisioned by Jeff Mangum? Or is it something different entirely? Yes. This is a band that knows the history behind their influences with an unusual depth. And unsettling depth. Deeper than most are willing to go. Then they take it to some place we've never seen before. And that's what makes their noise so fucking exciting.” -Chris Tures