With new record basking in the glow, it seems like oso oso is finally stopping in the metaphorical 'journey of life' to smell the roses—and the results are songs like “impossible game” that showcase a glass-half-full optimistic point of view everyone seems to be desperately grasping for these days.

On the back of their first ever headlining tour announcement, featuring The Sidekicks and Future Teens, oso oso is gearing up for a summer that shines and shimmers just like their new record. basking in the glow, released August 16, 2019, finds hope in fleeting moments of sunshine—a departure from the group’s previous (much adored, but notably more pessimistic) release of the yunahon mixtape. ‍

Frontperson Jade Lillitri has consistently proven himself able to write about trip-ups and slip-ups, and “impossible game” feels like a transition track—one that realizes that chasing restlessly for unfaltering positivity is a weak goal—but getting a “glimpse of this feeling” is worth the exhaustion. Now you just have to ride in that lane—easy, right?

Exhaustion is a feeling oso oso is familiar with; the group hasn’t stopped moving since they appeared on the scene in 2014, booking insane tours like the long-haul they just finished with Hunny, Citizen, and Knuckle Puck. Now, just days after the release of basking in the glow, an album three years in the making, they’re teaming up with The Sidekicks and Future Teens for their first US Headliner—then joining Prince Daddy & The Hyena for a run in the UK.