Born and bred in Newcastle, Adam Tindall was initially drawn to Drum & Bass by the diverse sounds and inspirational production values collectively provided by some of the scene’s most respected names. Albums such as the incredible Platinum Breakz compilation from the Metalheadz camp, and Grooverider’s legendary Prototype Years album sucked him in and started him on a journey that would see him rise to the very top of the Drum & Bass scene. His love for the music grew and grew until the desire to become more actively involved in the scene took hold and he took up DJing shortly before enrolling himself at Music College.

Dedicating all of his spare time to honing his craft, Adam met up with Jake at college, and that’s where the infamous Generation Dub was forged. However, it wasn’t long before the pair realized that Music College, far from teaching them the skills required to create the kind of beats their musical heroes had inspired them with, was actually a pointless pursuit and they both decided to quit to concentrate on their music at home.

Adam already had a reputation as an excellent local DJ around Newcastle, including at his own Area 51 events. Using his DJing as an opportunity to road test his tracks and to give them to visiting headliners for feedback, Adam quickly started to get encouragement from the bigger names in the scene, and it wasn’t long before none other than DJ SS snapped up two of G Dub’s early productions for his Reformed imprint.

‘Ghost Busters’ and ‘Monster Sound’ were well received, and with this new impetus spurring them on the pair knuckled down in the studio, creating a succession of dancefloor killers that cemented their reputation as one of the hottest new acts around their reworking of Total Science’s classic ‘Champion Sound’ and ‘Body Snatchers’ on Formation in particular marked G Dub as a name to watch.

Of course the successive deal with DJ Hype & Pascal’s immense Ganja imprint proved to be the making of the G Dub franchise, as Adam and Jake’s studio let off more anthems than an Olympic Games opening ceremony and tracks such as ‘Tink Ya Bad?’, ‘Warp Speed’ ‘Forever’ and ‘Beast City’ have collectively smashed up more dancefloors than a specialist nightclub demolition team.

From now on however, G Dub is no more and Original Sin is the future for Adam. The ridiculously heavy ‘Don’t Be Silly’ and his remix of Shy FX’s classic Ebony Dubsters track ‘Rah’ have gone a long way to stamping his individual mark on the Drum & Bass scene, and there’s no signs of slowing down. As a result of these massive tracks that have been smashing down dancefloors like a scorned noise abatement officer, Original Sin’s DJ bookings have gone through the roof and Adam is working hard in the studio to ensure that his new alias has even more success than his previous incarnation. With skills like his, we’re expecting huge things!