Old Abram Brown began in mid 2007 and draws its name from a 19th century hymn that its members used to sing in elementary school music class. Consequently, much of their music is inspired heavily by nostalgia. Their live show conveys the energy, command, and fullness which is truly evident on their recordings. Early in the band’s career, they gained exposure as finalists in the WFNX radio [Boston, MA] contest to open for Coldplay at the TD Banknorth Garden gaining them recognition as an exciting new alternative rock act. Old Abram Brown has played many shows in Boston and the surrounding area at such established venues as the Middle East Upstairs and the House Of Blues – Boston in support of Matt & Kim.


Old Abram Brown’s sophomore album Restless Ghosts [October 19, 2010], the follow-up to their 2009 debut Alive in Winter [February 10, 2009], is a tight collection of nine songs ranging from the somber and introspective to the buoyant and celebratory. With this release, the band has amplified the fullness already present in their previous work; Eric Bolton’s jangling, atmospheric guitars guide the songs, facilitating the often epic, spacious trajectories of songs like "Your House on the Hill," the single "Tides," and the adamant "Novelty Prize." But rather than drowning under the weight and scope, the songs retain a poppy immediacy indebted to frontman Carson Lund’s towering melodies and poetic lyrics, bassist/pianist Dylan Vukelich’s eerie harmonies, and Erik Lund’s alternately understated and grandiose drum work. Nowhere is this more evident than in the versatility of ballads like "Little Feet" and "I’m Not Happy," perhaps the most melodic, soulful tracks on the record, and also ones that - with the addition of an acoustic guitar and a triumphant horn section-demonstrate Old Abram Brown’s instrumental flexibility. As dynamic as it is nuanced, Restless Ghosts provides something for both adventurous listeners and those with a more pop sensibility.