By managing to fuse IDM, Indie and Soul so seamlessly into Danceable beats and catchy melodies, it is no surprise that 23-year-old Noah McBeth (Alias NoMBe) has been able to generate quite a buzz on the LA music radar. A native of Heidelberg, Germany, the classical pianist turned producer wears the many hats of composer, singer/songwriter & engineer effortlessly.

NoMBe continues to make a use of wide range of obscure samples while leaving his own signature with a unique vocal sound, ranging from a strong bluesy tone to a chilly sweet falsetto. His lyrics touch on topics like shady women, drunk uncles and loose morals, sticking to only the most delightful things. Since moving to Los Angeles from NYC in 2013, NoMBe has produced a number of up and coming artists while finishing his own releases, making it his mission to take today's world of genre-bending music by storm.