Nicholas John Eagon, age 23, started his music career performing extensive airguitar in the kitchen with a boombox and his imagination. "My mother introduced me to Guns N' Roses, among other hard rock bands, when I was very young. I would perform in front of my dog every night." Music has been on Eagon's mind from early on. Nick started playing guitar around age 10, fronting bands by age 13. "My main band, Zentennial, performed many shows when I was growing up. I learned as a musician being a part of a group like that. I evolved as a writer, collaborating with really talented musicians."

This time period helped curate Eagon's sound, while further developing his aspirations & passion for music. Eagon recorded his debut LP, Are You With Me?, in his grandmother's basement ("Snowbaby Studios", as it's affectionately known) in the summer of 2015. The following year, AYWM? came out & Eagon has since been busy; releasing I'll Do in January 2017 and Ionic EP in March 2017. Eagon is looking forward to better establishing himself in the Minneapolis music scene, playing some key shows this summer.