New Primals are a noise rock/dance punk band from Minneapolis, MN that began in June of 2016 when Andrew Kurtz (of Wage Theft) and Eric Nordling (of Swimsuit Area/CONGORATS) started writing music together. They were joined shortly after by Sam Frederick (of Burn Fetish/Chalk) and Preston Laack (of Burn Fetish/New Wave Hookers).

The current New Primals line-up consists of Sam Frederick (guitar/vocals), Eric Nordling (bass), and Lars Oslund (drums).

New Primals have a chaotically spastic yet danceable sound with an equally intense stage performance drawing from bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Arab on Radar, Melt-Banana and The Locust. On Sept 11, 2017 they released the 6 song Wraith EP, which was recorded/mixed by BJ Woullet at City Sound in St. Paul, mastered by Knol Tate, and featured artwork by Coryn Lanasa.