NEULORE is a modern folk band based in Nashville, TN., originated in 2009 by band members Adam Agin (lead vocals & guitar) and William T. Cook (guitars & bgvs),. After releasing a well- crafted debut EP, Apples & Eve, they have begun to take their heartfelt songs to the masses. With a live show that not only entertains, but affects, leaving the audience with a sense that anything is possible, NEULORE is captivating the hearts of all who draw near. Describing their sound as “truth in modern tones” and the telling of timeless stories from a fresh perspective. NEULORE’s songs have been heard on Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars and the web series Kid President. The have shared the stage with Leagues, Eisley, Andrew Belle, Ivan & Alyosha among others. NEULORE will be releasing their debut full length record this fall called Animal Evolve. The lead off single is called “Shadow of a Man.”