Neon Giant is an equal parts quartet with enough creative artistry to match their momentous aspirations. From the land of the cold where they rock hot rhythms, these Minneapolis, Minnesota music devotees are wasting no time honing their talents amidst a bustling Midwestern map of musical opportunity. The foursome has already shared the stage with many established acts including Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Euforquestra, Minneapolis City Pages ʻbest reggae bandʼ: Dred I Dread, Frogleg, Dead Larry, SOAP, twenty-seven time numerous category winners of the Madison Area Music Awards: Natty Nation, as well as many other prominent acts.

The modern sound of this powerhouse ensemble is due to a fusion of the explorative musical pallets each member maintains. Blending flavors of funk, hip-hop, reggae, dance, R&B, world rhythms and more, woven together by a unified, perspicacious lyrical message, Neon Giant has successfully orchestrated an original and impactful voice all their own; a piercing beacon, unique in todayʼs cacophony of musical clamor. Performing with a compelling ʻpower and will to make changeʼ (to paraphrase a notable crowd favorite call-and-response), Neon Giantʼs live productions are events that deliver choruses the crowd can sing to, authentic energy the audience can connect to, and pulsating rhythms & rhymes to move both the feet and spirit, they have shown the capacity to engage even the most passive of listeners.

Neon Giant has generated a substantial buzz in the Twin Cities music scene and cultivated a steadfast following in the metropolitan area and beyond. Having already established an energetic and engaging live performance, securing two respective residencies, headlining music venues throughout Minneapolis and commanding the stage at summer music festivals, these guys have shown they have every intention to continue their upward trajectory. Having only just released their first EP entitled, Vibrate Higher, the audible odyssey of this emerging musical locomotive will be one to chart as they continue to captivate their ever-increasing community with genuine and conscious content designed to rekindle our belief in one another and inspire a shared vision for a brighter future.