Eric Cardona a.k.a MONOLITH has always liked the harder styles of music. Growing up listening to Iron Maiden and Metallica as the years went by being drawn to Black, death, doom and hardcore metal. He eventually found his love for electronic dance music in 1998 when he attended his first EDM event. In no way giving up his love for the darker side of metal, has put it on the back burner as he learned how to spin trance and techno. MONOLITH has been 10 years in the making, starting out on belt drive hand me downs before he owned his own, then to tech 1200's and finally to cdj's/laptop. He finds it as a natural and exciting progression in dj'ing platforms, but still has a love for vinyl. MONOLITH's style ranges from hard trance to dark hard techno/schranz to hardstyle, never forgetting his dark side when playing his sets. He has aggression in his techno, energy in his hardstyle, and hard uplifting frequency's in his hard trance, always striving for creativity and to keep you on the dance floor!