America, get ready for pop music's newest sensation: Amanda Warner aka MNDR. Amanda Warner and Peter Wade were introduced to each other one year ago, when she arrived in New York from Oakland, CA. Their fruitful collaborations are a result of two storied careers. Born and raised on a farm in Fargo, North Dakota, Amanda has used MNDR as an "alter-ego" artist nickname in various scenes across the US, having toured with and opened for groups including Yacht, The Shins, and Deerhoof. A self professed gear head, Amanda started programming beats as a teenager and her impressive skills recently landed her an offer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' to design their touring keyboard rig for It's Blitz. She says it best: "I love gear, synths, drum machines and music software the way people love puppies." Surprisingly, throughout Amanda's career she was always known or hired as a bass player or live techno dj/producer and only now is being recognized as a singer, and a wildly talented one at that.


New York City based, Peter Wade has made a career as a songwriter/producer in the pop music arena. After six years working with major labels, producing for artists such as Yoko Ono, 88-Keys, Jennifer Lopez and Melanie Fiona, he decided to go out on his own, and started a label called WonderSound to put out the experimental pop music he was most interested in making. It was during this time he met the newly relocated Amanda Warner. Peter's interest in experimenting with non-traditional sounds coupled with polished songcraft, and Amanda's incredible melodic sense and underground noise and art influences, proved to be a perfect marriage of minds. The many dichotomies to MNDR's music: hi-tech/lo-tech, distorted and pristine, retro and future, mirror its creators. On stage Amanda is something of a banshee - jumping across the stage belting out their deceptively simple and undeniably addictive dance hits. Adorned with her trademark eye-wear, her fearless individuality and larger than life personality, the live show is in a class all its own. Add their original audio reactive visuals into the mix (commissioned by MNDR for programmer Jamie Carreiro), and you've got an electrifying show.