"Name one artist writing more relevant songs about what is going on this world; go on, I'll wait. Right. You CAN'T, can you? Told you. Mike June is all heart, surrounded by a Jersey flavored candy-coating." [Jon Dee Graham, singer, songwriter, artist]

“Like all great troubadours, Mike June makes honest music and sings about things that actually matter. He writes from the heart, plays with an energy that will get you going, and sings with a voice you want to listen to, because it comes from a place that’s one hundred percent real. Okay, the music business ain’t what it used to be, and sometimes it seems like it’s going straight to hell, but not if people like Mike June have their way. Go hear him, and then go hear him again. Mike June is the real deal and if we’re lucky, he just might save the music industry from itself. Either way, you’ll leave feeling better and stronger and with a whole lot of great songs in your head, and what more can you want?” [Scott Sparling, author, “Wire to Wire”]