The Miami Dolphins are based in Minneapolis, MN. They have been playing together for half a decade, despite great confusion. In 2012, they were runner-up for the Waterloo, IA Battle of the Bands, losing to a Korn cover band. Band members find inspiration in: hummingbirds, lakes, intelligent underwater mammals, cotton candy, sour brite crawlers, grapefruit, urban infrastructure, mimosas, broken pieces of cars, cuttlefish, waterskiing, robotics, dandelions, puke, ice cream, and squirrels.

This much is known: this particular Miami Dolphins has no affiliation, sponsorship, or connection whatsoever with any football teams, professional or otherwise.

While ascending to the upper echelons, the Miami Dolphins hope to dazzle, surprise, and confound. Miami Dolphins records for FPE are Becky (2014), the Perlite EP (2016), and Water Your Waiting For (2017). Before FPE, the band self-released three cassette tapes.