For over 17 years Obliquity has been entertaining the underground electronic music scene from the east to west coast, from Canada to Mexico. Based in the Midwest, Jon Ostroushko aka Obliquity grew up in a heavily music influenced life. Having a hippee for a dad that helped out some of the greatest bands in the 60's who also went on to have the premier rock club of the late 60's early 70's in Minneapolis, The Labor Temple, helped form Jon's strong respect for music. At the early age of 8 he was turned on to the electronic music sounds through random music that his oldest brother would bring into the house and casually listen to. 

For Jon this was the music that made him move. The definitive song that peaked his interested in rhyming to beats was MC Tunes vs. 808 States' "Dance Yourself to Death (License to Thrill)" from the iconic Greg Stump action sports movie "License to Thrill". Around the age of 13 he began to MC for friends and at small house parties and was eventually put on stage by Minneapolis' Nik Gunz where he played his first "real show" for 1200 people. Over the years he has found his groove but in an odd way. Not wanting to feel tied down he usually lends his vocal talents to House or UK Hardcore but often steps up to the mic for the sounds of DnB, Breaks or even Trance.

Being that he didn't want to be tied down to a single genre of music he was turned on to 2-Step and Uk Garage during the early part of the 2000's. He began to work closely with notorious UK Garage/2 Step crew, The Steppers Alliance (see Time Magazine) to help usher in a sound that was new to the states. Over the years he has laid down lyrics with the likes of DJ Brisk, Nigel Richards, Dani Deahl, DJ Isaac, Headhunterz, D-Block & S-te-fan, No Left Turn, Milo, Spree, NATO, Twilight and more. Obliquity is currently working with DJ Squiggles and performing world wide.