From the Midwest comes another tremendous writer. Matthew Francis Andersen has built a solid reputation as a powerhouse of lyrics. His name finds it's way into conversation with any number of masters of the craft, take your pick: Greg Brown - John Prine - Jeffrey Foucault - and the like. Slow, the Summer Burned is an album that carefully paints a picture of both delight and desolation...the raising and the ruins...the timber and the flood.

"Matthew Francis Andersen's music is reminiscent of Steve Earle, John Prine, and Springsteen. He's a tremendous writer, bridging Chicago with the Northwoods. I really dig what he's doing." —Nick Digilio, WGN Radio, 720am, Chicago

"Matthew Francis Andersen is a consummate craftsmen. His song 'Blue Line' proves he has a poet's eye for detail, a trait that separates good writers from legions of hacks." —Caine O'Rear, Editor-In-Chief, American Songwriter Magazine.