Manila Luzon is an international drag queen most famous for her campy twist on glamour, silly cross-eyed expressions, and signature black and blonde wigs. Her tongue-in-cheek style combines humorous themes with elegant fashion; from dresses inspired by cartoon characters to iconic gowns designed after her favorite foods.

Manila first competed on the third season of Emmy Award winning, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her creativity, style and humor paved her way to the end where she finished second place. Manila did not walk away with the crown or cash prize; however she won adoration from viewers across the world who call themselves “Fanilas”.

Leaving a sweet taste for more, Manila blossomed into a pop culture sensation with appearances in shows like season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, “Drag University”, and partnered on national campaigns for “This Free Life”, “Orbitz”, “Absolut”, & “Nine West”.

Manila takes her witty humor around the world and performs a mix of original songs, lip syncs, and hosts all types of events including weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, and divorces! Manila loves to interact, dine, party, and collect fan art from Fanilas throughout the world.

It’s been quite a journey for Manila Luzon and she shows no sign of slowing down as her brand “Fineapple Couture” now includes a chic collection of books, accessories, and silly collectibles perfect for any Fanila.