Born in Minneapolis but raised in Atlanta GA, Last Triumph recording artist Mac Spillz is one of the most vivid examples of a well rounded emcee. Mr. Spillz’s unique style combines savvy metaphors with a hardcore yet infectious flow. He uses creative terminology to describe all walks of life from the streets to the board room, Mac is a firm believer that true artistry lies in the ability to relate to his audience. He soars above average rappers using his very likeable personality to make fans want more of him. As an active member of the Hecatomb crew, Mac always maintains a high level of lyrical intensity; what his peers like to label as verbal tenacity. Mac’s versatility tends to put him at an advantage in the emceeing realm. Various styles, unique cadences, and different formats of wordplay, make him a standout in today’s industry. With all of this going for him it's no wonder that he has been considered a triple threat as an emcee. He is a phenomenal songwriter, dynamic freestylist, and a force to be reckoned with for those who battle him.