LOVE SEQUENCE is an indie-pop band from Minneapolis, MN. The group indulges in the energy and irresistibility of pop music, doing so over a backdrop of ambiance. LOVE SEQUENCE began as a hard rock band, over time developing a closeness that is apparent in the music, and eventually undergoing a stylistic metamorphosis into the ambitious pop band they are today. Their live shows have been described as visceral and undeniably passionate. Armed with raw talent and a compelling vision, LOVE SEQUENCE is a name you will hear again and again in the coming years as they make their ascent.

Bobby Rethwish (Born October 26, 1998) is a songwriter from Minneapolis, best known as the lead singer, guitarist, pianist, and writer for the indie-pop band LOVE SEQUENCE. Rethwish draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including dream pop, experimental hip-hop, and progressive rock. His songwriting can be described as melodically infectious and atmospheric. Lyrically, Rethwish fully exposes himself through topics such as narcissism, sexuality, infatuation, and death. His guitar playing has been acclaimed by McNally Smith College of Music, placing in the top three for three consecutive years at the college's Guitar Day competition.

Marcus R. Findley (Born December 8, 1996) is a bass player and vocalist from Minneapolis, MN. He has played with various local bands, including S! (Sexclamationpoint), The LooseLine, and Antifuse. Findley is currently the bass player for the band LOVE SEQUENCE. His stylistic influences have been absorbed from genres such as alt-rock, dance, and rapcore.

Grant Gabriel (Born December 10, 1999) is the drummer in the band LOVE SEQUENCE. Gabriel has been drumming since the age of three, with influences varying from classic and progressive rock to modern pop and R&B. He seamlessly blends these genres to create a unique and refreshing approach to drumming.

Nolan Sawyer Watts (Born February 20, 1995) is the rhythm guitarist, synth player, and backing vocalist in LOVE SEQUENCE. As a child, Watts was immediately drawn to music, which led him to start playing guitar at the age of seven. He released a lo-fi 12-track original album in his senior year of high school, which led him to join a funk rock outfit called Crank The Thermostat. After departing from the group, he went on to write his own music and play in a prog-groove band called Nature Special, alongside LOVE SEQUENCE. He is heavily influenced by atmospheric rock, funk, folk, and singer/songwriter music.