“Attitude and ambience are what we look for in music,” singer Bobby Rethwish states in an interview with The Journal, “yet those two elements rarely converge.” Minneapolis pop band LOVE SEQUENCE has made it their mission to bring the two together. Through their music, the group indulges in the energy and irresistibility of dance music, doing so over a backdrop of ambiance. They dare to bring their most hidden thoughts and emotions to light as a way of helping listeners find the freedom to be themselves.

The band has established a strong reputation in the Twin Cities for their grandiose live shows, described as visceral and intoxicating. They have become frequent performers at the legendary 7th St. Entry room in First Avenue. In addition, they have opened for Lauv, Vesperteen, Bad Bad Hats, been finalists at the UMN Spring Jam Battle of the Bands, and won the 2016 Calhoun Square Battle of the Bands.

LOVE SEQUENCE’s second EP, ‘SEXUAL ENLIGHTENMENT’, released on July 20, 2018, is a self-produced conceptual opus of 80’s funk and modern electronic. Lyrically, the EP explores the convoluted relationship between sexuality and spirituality, laden with hang-ups, jealousy, naivety, and euphoria.

Bobby Rethwish, Grant Gabriel, Nolan Watts, and Marcus Findley have created a musical chemistry unlike any other seen in modern music. Armed with raw talent and a compelling vision, LOVE SEQUENCE is a name you will hear again and again in the coming years.