For the better part of the past two decades, Lillie Mae has spent up to four nights a week singing, fiddling, and delivering hours of music to the stages of Nashville's honky tonks and local haunts. Lillie Mae recently released her second solo album, Other Girls, in August 2019 on Third Man Records. Between brushes with angels, encounters of ghost town drifters, her defiance of disloyal lovers and beyond, the 11 new songs and stories of Other Girls - all written by Lillie Mae, experienced by herself and fellow women - journey through a number of past lives, lived on the road to the singular artist she's become.

Lillie Mae led a sequestered childhood touring in a motorhome with her musician parents, constricted by religious boundaries. In her adolescence she busked from RV parks to the Rio Grande, swept through Nashville clubs, and achieved Top 40 country status in her sibling group Jypsi, but on Other Girls, a new side of herself emerges with more to say than ever before. She embraces personal triumphs on “I Came For The Band (For Show),” breathes new perspective into “Terlingual Girl,” a song she wrote as a 19-year-old in the South-Texan desert, and professes brave truths as heard in “You’ve Got Other Girls for That.”

Lillie Mae tracked the LP in Nashville's Historic RCA Studio A alongside producer Dave Cobb, siblings Frank and Scarlett Rische on guitar and mandolin, and a small circle of fellow diehard musicians. After a vagabond past, crossing paths with hundreds of musicians, she limits the cast of Other Girls to just her brother, sister, and a few trusted collaborators.