"An organic blend of hip-hop, rock, and acoustic guitar, Lifted Mindz’ music speaks to a generation that is constantly in flux and looking for meaning. Their music is driven by one philosophy: that living to help others and spreading love can radically change the world we live in for the better. More than a band, Lifted Mindz is a community, and one that continues to grow as its sound and positive message resonate throughout the Twin Cities. For a group consisting of no one over the age of 19, their achievements are exceptionally impressive; Lifted Mindz has already played at a number of notable venues such as Fine Line Music Cafe, First Ave’s 7th Street Entry, The Depot, Cabooze, and Honey. Although started from humble beginnings, their popularity continues to grow as what began with a set of acoustic guitars and home recording equipment has rapidly become a community of professional young musicians."

Lifted Mindz is not a band. It is an idea. It is a dream. It is a cloud of smoke, a few notebook pages and a microphone. Lifted Mindz is movement, a community growing everyday to unite ideas, music and art across all boundary lines, locally and globally. Lifted Mindz is call to express yourself, break the norm, put up a middle finger to what brings you down and rise above our greed and negativity to help contribute to a more harmonious home base. Our Goal is to ignite, incite and inspire, and to continue to blur the line between art and "reality." We want YOUR help. The world is waiting for your impact. Welcome to the Lifted People's Nation - We are The makers of art. We are The shakers of asses.