Most kids grow up amusing themselves with G.I. Joes, Tonka Trucks and Sunday morning cartoons. Kevin Hammond, however, was raised in a household of musical instruments. He taught himself guitar as a child and began to hone his songwriting abilities as a teenager. Unsatisfied with his life in retail sales, Hammond quit his day job, traded in his car for a van, and became a musical nomad. The committed leap-of-faith was enough to garner the attention of New York’s A&M/Octone Records which has Hammond’s debut album slated for release this fall. The album’s lead single, “Broken Down,” showcases Hammond’s distinctive ability to bounce between feathery falsetto and full-bodied modal register. The captivating contrast is both addictive and sure to distinguish Hammond from the pack. It is a mixture of unique talent, hard work, and dedication which has poised Hammond to be America’s next breakout singer-songwriter and yet another world-class artist in a string of A&M/Octone successes.