Kevin Abstract is a Texas based hip-hop polymath as much at home kicking a sharp sixteen as laying down an heartfelt hook, and his 2014 mixtape MTV1987 is one of the best rap releases you may not have heard. Kevin's finally readying a new project, titled They Shoot Horses and scheduled for release in early 2016 and the first offering has just appeared in the form of "Echo," a song about wrecking your life because you miss someone.

Abstract lists all the bad habits he's toying with after a breakup (or a death?) over producer Romil's slow-burning boom bap construction, which opens deceptively quietly but builds to an orchestral climax as the song draws to a close. The video stars Abstract as a motorcyclist milling around eerily vacant public areas without his bike, a possible metaphor for trying to carry on with your life with a fundamental piece missing. [Noisey]