Katey Bellville’s roots run deep in the Midwestern Music Community. Immersed with many generations of musicians, Katey was born into Minneapolis West Bank culture along the Mississippi River and grew up playing tunes in the hills of rural Wisconsin. Katey continues to blossom, developing her own unique style. Hauntingly beautiful vocals reveal her extraordinary song writing skills.

Unforgettable tunes blend modern pop sensibilities with fundamental bluegrass instrumentation, traditional folk roots, country influences and the occasional enhancement of her effortless yodeling. Displays of her genre-breaking musical talent are applauded by audiences of all ages. Katey Bellville’s numerous performances include those in collaboration with her father, Rod Bellville, a popular fixture in the Old Time Music Scene, Garrison Keillor on “A Prairie Home Companion” and Alison Krauss at the “Ryman Theater – Grand Ole Opry”.