Kate Myers, over a lifetime of traveling, living in various locales around the country, touring in backseats of vans surrounded by sweaty men, and spending time with relatives in Europe, has figured at least one thing out. Music is and will be a central element in anything that she does. “Music inspires my life, it’s what I was destined to create,” she says.

Coming from a musical family, beginning at a young age, Kate was surrounded by instruments and people who loved to play them. “We’re like the Partridge Family during the Holidays. The whole family jams together.” It was this upbringing and a portable Sony tape recorder that since the age of five-years-old has pointed Kate in the direction of making music. When she was in sixth grade, she learned to play the piano and the guitar and since then, she has been dedicated to practicing and perfecting her craft.

Her music is passionate and introspective. Drawing influence from singer/songwriters of the past (Jim Croce, Bob Dylan) and of the present (Conor Oberst, Fiona Apple), she has been able to create a style that is completely and recognizably her own and that transcends the standard coffee shop singer/songwriter genre. Her songs are stories of pain, love, hope and the experience that she has collected through her travels, her family and her years. Kate’s debut, self-titled album was released in 2004, her second album, Blanket Sky, in 2006 and her most recent work, Instant Clarification, in 2008. She has performed on stages all over the USA and in Europe and recently released her 4th full length album, Introducing the Ghost.