Kanser are veterans of the underground hip-hop scene, respected nationwide. With a strong do it yourself hustle, Kanser has built a solid career out of frequent live performances and selling product hand to hand. Kanser’s music reflects real inner city experiences while at the same time, bringing a positive outlook and good energy that serve as the formula for dealing with day-to-day problems. Their live show is built on a b-boy base, bouncing back and forth with the DJ, while constantly updating with new school formulas.


After years on the grind, the members of Kanser still love what they do and do what they love, and it shows on stage. Unicus and Big Zach (New MC) are the veteran members of the group. Kanser also boasts newly acquired members DJ Gabe Garcia on the decks and Alicia Steele, lacing the track with harmonies that intertwine in steady rhythm with the raps. Gabe and Alicia have given new breath to a group that was already full of energy. A rapper named Ilicit from East St Paul once said “I party, rap, fuck, sometimes I ain’t even got two bucks, but its all good. That’s how I feel when I hear Kanser.” Unicus and Big Zach are also members of the funky, hip-hop band More Than Lights.