As a dancer, musician, and DJ/producer, Jon Hester is a fan of electronic music from both sides of the decks. He embraces tracks suited for the mood at hand, walking a line between techno purism and the raw energy of a moody dance floor. His sets include anything from energetic techno and jacking house to hypnotic vibes complimented with outboard effects and live saxophone. With an engaging presence, a sense of groove, and a knack for telling a story, he works any room until it sweats, a true showman and man of the people.


While DJing in Minneapolis, USA, he launched his own party concept called Convergence. Acting as creative director, promoter, designer, host, and resident DJ, he produced a series of memorable dance music events focused on house and techno, with additional contributions by installation artists, painters, and clothing designers. After a stint in Barcelona managing the uncompromising WIP event space and some of the best events of off Sónar 2010, Jon relocated to Berlin. He has collaborated on saxophone for Dapayk’s Decade One artist album, recently did a remix for the DPK label, signed a forthcoming release to Andrew Grant’s EDEC music outlet, and is working on several projects for various imprints including his own Timefog label.